about - Emerald Boes


Emerald Boes is a Denver-based conceptual photographer specializing in dark art, fashion, and boudoir. In December of 2016, Emerald graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a BFA in Fine Art & Photography and has since been working managing a photography department for a large Colorado company. She works mainly in portraiture;  containing themes of psychology, nightmares, and the subconscious mind. Emerald's photographs have been displayed in galleries around Colorado and Italy, and published in several academic and art books. Follow her work on instagram @emeraldboesphoto.

Send an email to Emerald directly  at emeraldboesphotography@gmail.com to plan your portrait session today!

Emerald is the creator and photographer for HORRID, a dark art magazine that is self-published featuring her own work alongside dark artists from around the globe. HORRID strives to create a community for other dark artists to discuss taboo topics such as mental health and trauma, as well as a platform for artists to submit their work to be featured around the world. To subscribe, visit horridmagazine.com now!

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